Potable Water

Ductile Iron Pipes, Fittings and Accessories from DN 100 to 2000:


The L.M.I's ductile iron pipes are made according to the standard of ISO 2531 supplied in K9 and C-Class categories manufactured by using the centrifugal method of production.


The new achievements of the L.M.I are anchor pipes which are resistant against earthquake.


The pipes sockets can be presented either in pressure joint (Tyton) type,

The standard length of the pipes is 6 meters, though according to the above said standard it can vary to %10 tolerance range.  

The L.M.I has got the facility of performing complementary operations, that is, applying cement mortar lining as internal and metallic zinc coating as external coverage of the pipes just according to the guidelines of ISO 4179 and ISO 8179.


Fittings are sometimes necessary in the pipelines for their changing direction in a different angle, or need for giving a branch, varying the diameter of the pipes or even entering a valve somewhere in between.

For a pipeline of ductile iron material, fittings of the same material are required.

These fittings are produced by the L.M.I in form of spigot, flanged socket, bend, T and collar.


The above mentioned fittings may be presented with cement lining as the internal and metallic zinc or epoxy paint as the external coating, upon order.

The advantages of the fittings are similar to the ones previously mentioned for the pipes.



Suitable tensile hardness.

Resistance against high pressure.

Resistance against corrosion.

Proper surface smoothness.

Easy of installation.

Endurance against movement of earth layers.

Good working permanence.