Earthquake Resistant Joint


Iran has more than 70 percent in area of earthquake lands.

Also the huge water conveys line is more than 100 kilometer pipelines which is exposed to hazard of earth quake and destroying factors by earth.

L.M.I Company has designed and made cast iron pipes and fittings.

Using anchor joint for protecting the water lines.

According to standard ISO 10840 this product has shown good type test results and also has evaluated by software according to standards ASCE and ISO16134.

This kind of joint is classified in restrained types which are fixed by glands, bolts and welding beam.

This product is pressurized and flexible according to standard ISO2531 classification. This is angular flexibility and antitrust separation at joints in length axe.

 Application of anchor joint pipe made by L.M.I Co.

1. Self strain of pipe line specially at bends, tees, collars, converters and blank flanges which replace the antitrust block.

2. Protecting the pipe line network against earthquake.

3. Protecting the pipe line network against marsh, unstable and slope lands.

4. Used in pipe high jacking methods under rivers, high ways & rail Roads.

Application of anchor joint in fittings for preventing the separation in bends, tees, blank flanges and converters is used in pipe lines and replacing the anti-trust block.