Model PE3

Cast iron ground heating systems (in packages) under the brand of MI3 with thermal capacity from 14,000 to 25,400 kcal/h


Luleh va Machin Sazi Iran (LMI), well experienced in manufacturing boilers of central heating systems for several decades, initiated the floor standing packages under the commercial brand of M.I.3, during the year 2005. The innovation which was in direction of market development policy indeed added a variety to the other heating products. The packages classified under commercial brand of M.I.3 are presented in 3 models PE3, PE4 and PE5, with the heating capacity range of 14,000 to 25,400 kcal/hr.


The M.I.3 packages are made of a type of cast-iron material which is most resistant to the heat and at the same time quite suitable for better transferring of it. Utmost care has been taken that the sets function in proper distributing of the heat as well as giving maximum output.


Advantages :

Providing sanitary hot water and heated surrounding

Giving Independence to each housing unit

Economizing energy usage

Installable in the open air

Taking a space less than half square meter

Procuring heated water with a constant temperature in variable Debies

Impassive to sedimentation

Indifferent to water pressure

Non-forming electrical pile between components of the set and radiators

Possibility of adding a programmable set to control panel - Possibility of fixing a thermostat for the room space

Equivalent to the modern European products

Ready for an easy and fast installation

Shapely appearance

Twenty months guarantee and constant services

Most suitable package for the floor heating system


Cast-iron boiler with proper sections, special design and high heating rate

Electrical dual stage gas cock

Electronic control panel for adjusting the gas cock, burning and sparkling control

Fueled by natural gas and/or LNG

Electronic automatic sparkler (with no pilot)

Thermoelectric ionizer system

100 liter sanitary hot water tank

Over 90% output

Six sensors for heat controlling

Two pumps with 3 variable speeds, for sanitary hot water and heated surrounding

Automatic drain valve for air

Ten liter condensing tank

Safety valve - Special silent burner with minimum air pollution

Magnesium anode for stopping chemical erosion

Two drain valves for sanitary water and heating system

Mechanical/electronic control panel (upon order) .