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Ductile Iron Valve

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Ductile Iron Air Valve:

 Retained air in the water pipeline can cause some disorder like alteration of water pressure, Deby disturbance and air contraction which leads to pressure lose and flow reduction. To pre these problems, which may damage the pipes, the air valves are used.
Scope of Supply:
:: Nominal Sizes: DN 25 (1″) – ۲۰۰
:: Pressure Ratings: PN 10, 16, 25
:: Allowable Working Temperatures: -10oC / +65oC
:: Useful for Drinking Water
Single (large) Orifice Air Valves:
The function of this valve is releasing or injecting the voluminous air packets within the pipelines atthe time of charging or discharging of the pipes, so it maintains the efficiency and providesprotection of the mains
Double Orifice Air Valves:
In this type, a one-inch air valve is mounted onto each size of the single orifice air valve. This valve can exhaust or admit air, further to releasing air pockets at the regular working of the pipeline.
Ductile Iron Air Valve

Scope of Supply:

:: Nominal diameter: DN 25 (1 “) – 200
:: Pressure Ratings: PN 10, 16, 25
:: Allowable Working Temperatures: -10 degrees Celsius to +65 degrees
:: Useful for Drinking Water

Production Standards:

:: DIN EN 1092-2:Standard of flanges and related fittings- Circular flanges for valves, ductile iron pipes and fittings
:: DIN 3476:Corrosion protection of water valves and pipe fittings by epoxy powder or liquid epoxy resin linings
:: ISO 5208:Standard of industrial valves- Pressure test for valves