Gate Valve

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Ductile Iron Gate Valve:

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Ductile Iron Gate Valve:

The gate valves has a wedge with a linear movement to connect and disconnect the flow of fluid, which, when the wedge is fully open, is removed from the flow path and causes no resistance in the valve, resulting in less turbulence comparing other valves in the fluid flow. The pressure drop is not noticeable.


Ductile iron body and bonnet and elastomeric wedge with ductile iron core for better sealing the wedge of valve can be replaced quickly and easily without the need to take off the valve from the pipeline.
Electro-static powder epoxy paint coating on all internal and external surfaces. Easy opening and closing valve and full sealing in closed mode.
No longitudinal movement of the axis when opening and closing the valve. No need for maintenance at the time of operation.

Gate Valve

Scope of Supply:

:: Nominal Sizes: DN 50 – ۳۰۰
:: Pressure Ratings: PN 10, 16, 25
:: Allowable Working Temperatures: -10oC / +65oC
:: Useful for Drinking Water

Production Standards:

:: EN 1171:Industrial valves – Cast iron gate valves
:: DIN EN 558:Face to face and center to face dimensions of metal industrial valve for use in flanged pipe systems
:: DIN EN 1092-2:Standard of flanges and related fittings- Circular flanges for valves, ductile iron pipes and fittings
:: DIN 3476:Corrosion protection of water valves and pipe fittings by epoxy powder or liquid epoxy resin linings
:: ISO 5208:Standard of industrial valves- Pressure test for valves
:: DIN EN 1563:Founding- Cast iron with spherical graphite
:: ISIRI 3363:National standard of gate valves